Why Cant I Put Music On My Iphone 5?

My iPhone 5 has up to date soft ware and my itunes is 10.7. When i plug my iphone in it doesn’t show up on itunes?
Why is this?
It shows up on iphoto tho

2 thoughts on “Why Cant I Put Music On My Iphone 5?

  1. Derrick

    Could be that iTunes or your i.o.s operating system have been installed improperly. Try first reinstalling iTunes. Then if that doesn’t work restore the device as new. Be sure to create a backup which is very simple. Restoring the ios fixes 99.9 percent of issues. If Restoring your device does not fix the issue please alert Apple. Or even try the 1 800 my Apple. Which is technical support. When you first buy iphone you get 1 years of limited hardware warranty. So you shouldn’t have to pay anything if you call.

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