Should I Download The Ios 7?

I really want to try it out, but I don’t want to restore my phone and lose all my messages, pictures, apps and everything I have on my phone now. Is there a way I can download it without having to lose all of that? And I’m not really familiar with iCloud since I’ve never used it. I have the iPhone 5 if that helps any.

3 thoughts on “Should I Download The Ios 7?

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    I also want to try it, but personally I think you should just wait. since its the beta version there’s still going to be bugs and stuff not working with a lot of the apps you use, which can be frustrating. But If you wanna try it out, you shouldn’t loose anything as long as your iPhone is backed up to your computer.

  2. Charles F

    the last post is correct, the ios 7 beta feels very broken right now, however to answer your question you will not lose anything except for apps and music(only the data and settings of the apps will be kept), you will have to resync the music and apps since you must restore as new iphone in the process(not unless you directly update to ios 7 if you are a developer no apps or music will be deleted).

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