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Should I Buy The Moto X?

I have an iPhone 5 but I really like Android and used to have a Galaxy Nexus but I sold it to my grandma for $300. The new Moto X sounds so awesome because it has so many cool features like awareness and it has a 10MP camera has a new processor architecture ( I know a lot about computers and phones btw). It will be made in America, you can customize it like colors and stuff too. Leaks are saying it will sell tomorrow for $300 OFF CONTRACT and work with any carrier including mine (Verizon). My mom didn’t let me buy the Galaxy S4 google edition but that was $649. This one is $300 which I can fully pay for myself. I really want an android phone, I can use NFC to use the phone as a wallet and pay for things like mc donalds or gum at a store and stuff. How do I convince my mom to let me have this phone? I really want it. I want to buy it tomorrow because I know it will go out of stock really soon, demand is high.


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