New Ipad , Iphone 5 ,htc One Or Galaxy S4? Witch One Is Better For Student?

i’m 17
i what to buy a gadget for playing game , music, take photo, internet , read some book & learning.
Witch one is better?
Or is it better to buy a MacBook or notebook?
Please say the benefit of that.

4 thoughts on “New Ipad , Iphone 5 ,htc One Or Galaxy S4? Witch One Is Better For Student?

  1. hitesh

    Well among the 3 u listed, the S4 has the best functionality, though HTC One has the best design
    but i personally favor S4 as it is lighter and much easier to hold and use than HTC One as well
    Now Macbook or notebook is a totally different domain
    A smartphone lets you first of all – make a call!!! then there is a touch screen, and features optimized for the touch screen
    in a Macbook or notebook, you have a comfortable-to-type-on Keyboard , and a larger screen, though its not as portable, and as optimized for the things you state you want to do withe gadget you want to buy . Its mainly if you want to play PC optimized games, or you have some processor hungry activities to do (video editing, cracking and all) , or maybe lots of typing work to do
    otherwise based on your activity requirements, a phone will be better
    though if you don’t care about making calls, a tablet would be even better for you, offering larger screen real estate (like Galaxy Note 8.0, Nexus 10 )

  2. Winston

    You don’t learn much by using your phone (I know I haven’t).
    For portability, a phone is the obvious answer. It does what you need (excluding learning). And plus, you can call. And phones have a good camera. I recommend the Galaxy S IV. Large screen, good camera, good speakers and has a decent amount of games.
    Now when it comes to actually taking down notes and stuff (don’t use it for maths though), a laptop is a definite answer because you can use MS Office and type with a keyboard which is faster and easier. And it is better to surf the internet on a laptop than on the other devices you’ve asked.
    A tablet is only decent for web browsing, gaming and keeping a whole bunch of books (in electronic format). But for anything else, not soomuch. It’s not as portable either but so aren’t laptops but laptops can do more things. You could try to buy a touchscreen Ultrabook laptop running Windows 8 which is like a tablet with a keyboard attached to it.
    Pretty much in the end, I personally believe (from reading what I’ve just written down in here), buying both a phone and laptop would be the better idea. Phone for doing those stuff on the go while a laptop at home or at school.

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