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My Iphone Doesnt Alert Me When I Get A Text Message?

I have a iphone 4s. I used to never have problems with my phone but then I went away for a month and my mom had my phone for the month. Once I returned there was something off with my phone. If i receive a text message it just doesn’t alert me. It doesn’t ring or vibrate and when you hit the home button and it displays your lockscreen/wallpaper it doesn’t show I have a text message. The only way I can find out if I got a text message is if I hit the home button, then type in my password to unlock the phone and then I manually look. Normally it rings and when you get a text message on your lock screen it will say you got a message with the persons name next to it but I literally have nothing. Its very strange though. If im using my phone and I get a text it will ring, but once my phone locks up I wont get any alert whatsoever. When I get phone calls it will ring and it will even say missed call by whoever on my lockscreen. It also seems like my phone will also ring if my phone is not officially locked where I got to type in my password. I have the setting on 5 minutes before my phone locks up where i need to type in my 4 digit number to unlock it. Now if my phone is locked where i got the black screen but it hasn’t been 5 minutes yet so I don’t need my 4 digit password to get in, it will ring. But once my phone locks where I need my password I get no alert. It is the strangest thing ever. I need to know how to get my texts to ring again and I also need to know how I can get it to display on my lock screen/wallpaper so I know I got a message. And don’t tell me to make sure I put a ringer on my text message cause it is there so its not the problem. Please help because I miss half my text messages because there in no way I can possibly know i got a text until I type in my password and look manually. Thank you so much

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  • If you have went to your settings and made sure that it is set and it doesn’t work, I would recommend you bring it in where you bought it at and have them check it out.

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