My Iphone 5 Battery Is Draining To Fast?

I have Location Services off
Fetch New Data off
& Wi-Fi off
And it’s still draining very fast
And I don’t have an Apple Store where I live.

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One Response to “My Iphone 5 Battery Is Draining To Fast?”

  1. Tiffany says:

    Ok double press your home button ok? You’ll see all they apps you recently used and used before whih are OPEN when too many apps are being used at the same time your battery drains right? Ya so with all those open you of course it gonna drain so u have to delete them, so just hold on to the app (just like if you we’re deleting an app or rearranging it) then you’ll see them wiggling and u just delete them, you’re not deleting ur apps ur just closing them cuz ur not using them :) hope it helped

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