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Iphone 5 Touch Screen Not Working?

On July 4th i put my phone accidentally in water. My brother was able to take it apart and let it dry out and only the battery shortened out so I just ordered a new battery. I tried taking it to the apple store before my new battery came to see if they’d just give me a new phone because of a bad battery but since it was water damaged they said I needed to pay for a new one. Once my new battery came my phone worked just fine. However, just the other day the touch screen started acting funny and just being very random on when it works – but probably works less times than it actually works.
So my question is, is there anything that I can do? Why is it doing this? I have dropped my phone just on the ground before but this just started happening when i havent. Also, if I take it to the apple store and say the touch screen is off and on with working, will they look again at the water damage or just give me a new phone? Thank you


  • Since you already opened the phone they cant give you a new iphone so youll have to order a new screen

  • Seems like moisture was still in the phone’s internal components, you might have to change/replace the screen and its circuits but you will pay a lot. They might open in and see the water damage indicator. Looks like you either repair it of buy another one. Sorry dude.

  • Order a new screen,if possible. Go online in search google on how to order a new screen for the iPhone 5

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