Iphone 5 Suddenly Can’t Connect To Wifi?

Just yesterday I can connect to any wifi area but by the afternoon I can’t see any connection. Is it about the iPhone 5 or iOS 6.0.2?

3 thoughts on “Iphone 5 Suddenly Can’t Connect To Wifi?

  1. Brandon

    that was a problem with the iphone 5 but the update should have fixed that. Try Factory resetting it? i guess.

  2. Law

    Where did you use the Wifi? In your own house or in public? If it is the public wifi, you might restart the iPhone and see if the Wifi shows up, and if you can connect to it. If not, you might need to upgrade the iOS to 6.1, which might solve that.
    If it is the Wifi from your own router, you should do some set ups on it!

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