Iphone 4s Light Won’t Turn Off After Dropped In Water.?

So a few weeks ago I dropped my 4s in water, though it was only in water for a few seconds it was long enough to do damage. The screen went blank almost right away, I tried to power it off but that didn’t seem to work. The only reason I knew it wasn’t off was when I bumped the silence button on the side it vibrated. Anyway so I put and looked at it after 24 hours and noticed the cameras flash light was on. After 48 hours in rice still on but dimmer and 72 hours it was off, but only because the battery was dead. So I plugged it in, the apple logo came up and a few seconds later the light was back on and I couldn’t get it to go off. The phone seems to be working fine other than that.
So I opened the phone romoved the battery (and again obviously the light turned off) and used a hair dryer on the cool setting for about 30 minutes on it. But once the battery goes back in the light goes on. The phone has now been open for 2 weeks so this thing is dry, but once the battery is hooked up on comes the light.
Can anyone tell if there are any fixes for this. Besides buying a new phone or living with the ligh on. And please dont say put it in rice, I e already done all that.
Hopefully there will be an answer out there

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