In The Oregon Trail: American Settler, Any Tricks? How To Fix Businesses That Freeze? Energy Tips? Money Tips?

Actually, I was trying to answer some of the other questions about this game, so I posted this question, but, I can’t answer it myself, so, i’m going to answer it here. I recently was ill for an extended period of time (couple of months), and had a lot of time on my hands and I played this game a lot. It was very addictive. Also, this is my first post ever on any blog/internet question/answer site.
When buildings (or animals) freeze and say “ready” but you can’t collect from them, the only way to ‘unfreeze’ them is to wait for a disaster to come along and pick answer #3 which is to do nothing. Then, you have to hope that one of the buildings (or animals) that gets damaged, or restarts production, is the building that is frozen. However, to have a disaster come along, you have to keep earning experience stars (so keep collecting from the other buildings or from your other animals).
With regards to the crops that freeze, unfortunately, i believe you have to sell that plot and start over production.
Also, to help earn more money very quickly, you can do this: buy a toy factory (or any other large building). Then buy a bunch of picnic baskets under the decorations. Surround the toy factory (create a rectangle), but, surround it as closely as possible with the picnic baskets immediately next to it. and don’t waste any space, all the picnic baskets should be right next to each other. You can actually create 2 or 3 rectangles of picnic baskets. Then, when you collect $$ from your businesses, move the toy factory out, move the other business into that square, then collect the $$ (you’ll notice that it will multiply significantly), and keep doing that every time you collect $$. It’s a bit tedious, but, multiplies your $$ very quickly. With this i was able to buy all of the land pretty quickly.
Another tip: your energy runs out very quickly. To keep replenishing your energy, you can go to “set date and time” on your ipad. You can then forward the clock. However, this is very temperamental…meaning, if you forward it past 12:00 and it changes from am to pm or pm to am, the game is likely to freeze many of your buildings/crops/animals. so, the most you can forward it is up to 11:59 (i stopped at 11:58, because sometimes when you set to 11:59, the “seconds hand” in the ipad was at around 55 seconds, and pushed the clock to 12:00 while you are still in the set clock application). Then play the game, and let the clock naturally go past 12:00 and you should be fine. I know this sounds confusing, but, for example, if it is 2:30pm. you can forward the clock up to 11:59pm. Also, If you accidentally hit the AM/PM dial, buildings will freeze. However, doing this can affect other applications on your ipad (temporarily) that depend on the correct time (for example, my HBOGO application wouldn’t start until I reset my clock), and if you reset your clock (hit the set automatically button), the buildings and animals will freeze again. And if they freeze again, no big deal: you just have to wait for another disaster to come along. The key thing about this is that you don’t want to switch from am to pm or pm to am manually.. this has to happen naturally with real time.
People that get sick…I let some die and made a little graveyard in my town and put their tombstones in there. It’s hard to save them all. I built about 12 infirmaries, and 10 workshops to help build supplies.
Hope this helps!!!!