I Can’t Remember My Pass Code Lock On My Iphone?

Hi all,
I changed my passcode lock on my phone because my friend figured my last one out.
And now I can’t remember my passcode!!!!
I kept trying to remember my passcode and put some in but they were all wrong.
My IPhone kept doing that thing were it goes locked for 1 min, then 5 min, then 15 min, then 30 min, then 60 min then it just said ‘Connect to ITunes.
How can I unlock my phone or find out my passcode??
Please help, I am nothing with out my phone.

7 thoughts on “I Can’t Remember My Pass Code Lock On My Iphone?

  1. tmorris

    Restore it in iTunes. It will erase all your data but as long as you had it synced you can get it all back.

  2. Jason

    1. Connect to computer
    2. Open itunes
    3.click on your device( it should say your name or something like that)
    4. Find back up ( let it do its work)
    Tip* i hope you recently restored your idevice if not it should do it in the process goooooooooood luck!!!!!

  3. Steven Tong

    if you already have all your backup in your pc, you can reinstall/recover your iphone by reinstall again the OS, by connecting to itunes.
    put the phone to recovery mood. press and hold power button and home button for 10second, on the 10second, release the power button only, keep holding the home button, your phone will go to recovery mood,connect it to itunes, your itunes will pop up saying your phone in recovery mood, please restore it, click restore, take a coffee, might take up to 30minut – hours depends your internet speed as it need to download latest IOS to your pc to start recover it, also, please do not do it if your phone is software unlock, it will lock again.
    info from Mobilecode UK

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